Frequently Asked Questions:


Is Farmhouse Market’s beef 100% grass fed?

Only partially. Our cattle live on green, pesticide-free, fertilizer-free pastures, where they have access to all-natural browsing 24/7. However, they are also fed an all-natural diet of grain supplement for the last 150 days, to achieve the best combination of healthy and delicious animals.

Where do you get your beef?

All of our dry-aged beef comes from Bodock Acres in Okolona, Mississippi.

What is Wagyu?

Wagyu cattle are the same breed of cattle that produce the world-famous Kobe Beef. Due to centuries of special breeding by small farmers in Japan, Wagyu cattle have developed a uniquely marbled meat with a taste like no other.

Where does your coffee come from?

Seeds coffee company in Birmingham, Alabama.  They are a non-profit coffee company who roast their beans on-site, and are very awesome. Look them up!

Do you grind your own beef?

Yes. We create our own ground beef daily, with steak trimmings and dry aged beef.  We also use a coarser grind for better texture and mouth-feel.

Is everything in here local?

As much as possible.  We would love to have everything local; however, some items are not available locally, and so they are sourced elsewhere.  We are always looking for good local sources, though, so if you know of a good local source, please let us know!

Why are cows?

We don’t know for sure, but we think the answer is “maybe”?